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figurative painter


Currently based in Istanbul, my work takes inspiration from the rich colors & eclectic aesthetic within the ancient coastal cities of Anatolia. During my career, I developed a passion for the Atelier Movement. Recalling the ways and practices from Renaissance to late 19th-century, I attended workshops at various established artist studios in Istanbul and participated in life drawing workshops at the Académie de la Grande Chaumière, during my stays in Paris. However, I mostly work from memory and/or imagination from my studio in Istanbul. The nature of my work allows me to explore & travel to see great European museums, seeking rare objects and patterns to paint & record the history and legends embedded in my country's heritage. Recently, I lived in London for a year and immersed myself in the artifacts of the British Museum. Through my practice, I try to tell the story of my experience as a Turkish woman with a strong Aegean identity. 




Group Shows (non-exhaustive list)

  • 2018 - International Show at Kronen Gallery, Lucerne, Switzerland 

  • 2018 - Charity Group Show for Ophansi Kozzy Cultural Center, Istanbul, Turkey                                  

  • 2018 - International Show National History Museum, Tiran, Albania 

  • 2018 - BCK Art Gallery Group Show, Marrakesh, Morocco

  • 2017 - International Naples Group Show, Contemporary Art Museum, Naples, Italy

  • 2017 - International Group Show, San Leonardo Church, Venice, Italy

  • 2017 - "Moon Life", Nişart Galeri Group Show, Trafo Kültür Merkezi, Bodrum, Turkey

  • 2017 - "Uninterrupted" Art Exhibition, Dar Cephe Art Galeri İstanbul, Turkey

  • 2017 - "Harmony" Group Exhibition, Nişart Galeri Maçka, Istanbul, Turkey

  • 2017 - "Dreamer", Group Exhibition, Nişart Galeri Maçka Istanbul, Turkey

  • 2017 - Artankara 3rd Contemporary Art Fair, Ankara, Turkey



  • 2018 - Jury’s selection, International Competition Exhibition, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan


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